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Mold Removal Dallas

Welcome to Mold Removal Dallas! We are excited to share with you today all we have to offer and to tell you about our company!

Are you over not having the correct solution to eliminating mold? Well that’s what a Dallas Mold Removal can help you with!

First off, Never use clorox wipes! You may use them to clean your bathroom or kitchen counters or furniture and that's fine, but mold is different! It LITERALLY feeds off of the clorox wipe!

So make sure you call us so we can solve the issue for you and do a step by step process with you to make the best success for you! We can tell you how much mold is in your house with our testing we provide and we can get rid of the infestation in just a short amount of time!

We offer a free estimate of the cost to get rid of your mold. Our company can get rid of the damage for you and we also can offer tips and tricks to get rid of small amounts of mold for free without having us do it. We have your best interest in mind at all times.

Mold Removal is important for everyone to have access to in their life, to have a healthier and safer environment.

About Mold Removal Dallas

We are a professional team and we want to keep you happy and healthy! We are an insured business and we want to make this fair game to all. We have the best employees that always give their very best with no slacking involved.

They work through and through and make sure your problem is 100% gone and no chance of returning by also informing you of steps you should take to prevent it. If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy, so please communicate with us the best you can so we know how you are feeling and we will communicate back with you no problem!

We serve customers all around the city not just the ones in our city but the ones nearby too! We treat our customers like family so they feel 100% comfortable all the time. We are dependable, have great customer service skills and are very prompt with our actions.

Why Choose Mold Removal Dallas?

Many companies have employees that slack and cut corners and we aren’t that way. We are there to get the job done and done right! We don’t ever want to leave a customer unhappy, and if you are please don’t let us leave you that way. If there's more you need looked at please inform us of your concerns.

I will even bullet all the big main reasons so you don’t miss why you should choose us!

  • Certified team! No one does your job unless they are!
  • Free estimate
  • Testing of mold, mold spores, air testing, surface sample testing
  • Give you tips and tricks if its a minor mold problem so it saves you a little extra cash
  • Get the job done quick and efficient
  • Make you feel involved in the plan and not in the dark
  • Guide you through our step by step process
  • Leave you with peace of mind that your home is a permanent safe environment because we give you the knowledge and the tools to prevent from the mold coming back
  • Costs are reasonable
  • We are insured so everyone can be customers with us without a worry
dallas mold remediation

What to Expect from Mold Removal Dallas

Expect from us our always most honest answer to every problem! Whether we know and believe you can get rid of the problem on your own with our tips and tricks or if you really need the professionals to come in and get rid of it for your own safety and well being! We are a hard working team and don’t want to let each other or our customers down!

If you are having a problem always give us a call and we will be there as soon as we can, we are available all hours or the day and night literally 24/7 we are right there to put in our best efforts for you! No one has to wait normally more than a day for us to come and resolve their issue, and it's normally that we are there within an hour or two.

We are a certified team and expect nothing less. We don’t let anyone do the work that works for us unless they are certified through us and are 100% knowing all they should and being at a strong point to handle any situation they encounter.

Services We Provide!

1. We provide a free estimate. So we can help and show you the cost of the work to fix the issue at hand so then you know what you’ll be going into. Granted we make our costs at affordable prices so all of our customers get the job done and with happy spirits in hand.

2. We provide tips and tricks to get rid of minor mold issues. If a small issue that we can see you can do yourself without having to spend any of your money we will show and tell you how to remove the small amount of mold in a careful way. That way we leave you with a little extra knowledge and you with a little extra money in your pocket!

3. We provide testing to see how much mold is in your home whether its mold spores in the air or on your walls. With this testing comes a small cost with the mold spores because there's nothing anyone can see, so we would be running special testing for that.

4. We provide our equipment and team to get rid of the mold ourselves in a professional amount of time, that way you aren’t feeling like we are in the way or taking too long.

5. We do a plan for you specifically so you feel a part of the step by step project and to educate you on what has happened in your situation and how the mold came to be. This way you will know what work you’ll be seeing from us and what we will be doing to repair your home.

6. Lastly, we provide quick acting professionals that are certified! We will get to you as soon as possible after you inform us of your problem. You are our priority.

dallas mold remediation


Mold Remediation Dallas is one that many overlook because a lot of the time it's something they can not see so they find mold remediation Dallas unnecessary. It is an important thing to get done because it can still make you sick and have the same cause and effects like mold you can see does.

That's why we have a mold inspection dallas team to make it easier for customers to see there may be things going on in the air or on certain surfaces in your home that you’re not aware of.

dallas mold testing & dallas mold inspections

Mold inspections & Testing

Mold Inspection Dallas is an important thing to have happen for you in your home to make things well and clear for you. If there is anything found by the mold testing Dallas during inspections to be able to have the mold remediation Dallas Tx team come in and solve the problem for you and get you back in healthy states of life.

About Dallas Texas

We are the commercial and culture hub of the region. Our population here is 1.345 million! We are a large home to all around us and are much like a family here! Dallas is known for its cultural activities which include the opera, musicals, ballet and symphony concerts. A huge tourist attraction is The Dallas Museum of Art. The sales tax rate is 8.3% and the income tax rate is 0.0%. The unemployment rate is 3.5%, the recent job growth is 3.3% and the future job growth is 45.1%.

The cities around Dallas TX.

  • Irving, TX
  • Grand Prairie, TX
  • Mesquite, TX
  • Farmers Branch, TX
  • Duncanville, TX
  • Balch Springs, TX
  • University Park, TX
  • Highland Park, TX
  • Many other surrounding areas


I was feeling sick all the time and never knew why, and then a friend referred me to Mold Removal Dallas! The mold testing dallas and mold removal dallas tx team came in and did air testing and surface sample testing and found that mold was living on my kitchen counters and some in my bathroom! They got rid of the problem immediately and I’ve been feeling so much better since then! Thanks so much for your professional team, equipment and work!

- Alan D

I kept using clorox wipes to get rid of the mold that was growing at the corner of my ceilings but it always came back. Jason came in as a mold removal specialist in Dallas and used the CORRECT tools to get rid of this problem for me! He also informed me to let natural light come in and open the windows sometimes to help make sure the problem does not reproduce! Thank you!

- Cassidy R

I couldn't see any mold but I could smell it in my room. I had this awesome team come in that specializes in mold inspection dallas tx and they did some testing and found that the mold was hiding behind my drywall and the damage just hadn’t been showing through. They informed me that it was a good thing I called and could smell it so they could come in to fix this unhealthy growth in my home.

- Candace M

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of possible mold in my lungs?

You will be coughing, wheezing, definite discomfort in your lungs. With the coughing mucus or blood could follow but isn’t always the case.

How can you tell if there are mold spores in the air?

If there isn’t professional testing done, another way you may notice the mold spores is if you are getting allergy symptoms such as, sore eyes, running nose and sneezing.

How can you see mold behind drywall?

You can necessarily see the mold unless the damage is coming through like, water rings, dark circles, discoloration and things like that. But if it's not coming through the walls you should be able to smell it because it's got a musty scent to it.

Can alcohol kill mold?

Not really, it may get rid of the problem temporarily, but not permanently.

Which kills mold better, bleach or vinegar?

You can use both but by far the most effective one is vinegar.

Contact Mold Removal Dallas TX Today!

We know you need the best mold remediation Dallas team there is and we are it! We keep your homes and your lives in order and healthy by keeping mold out and fresh beautiful air in! Are you having a hard time breathing or having “allergies” when it's not allergy season? Give us a call because you may have some of those invisible mold spores lying around your house!

We love our customers and the support they give us, we appreciate them and just want to make things more comfortable for them! If you work with us we will make your own personal plan and guideline special to you and so you know the step by step process and ways to prevent having mold come into your home unwelcomed! for Dallas TX mold removal Call Mold Removal Dallas today!

Contact us for a free estimate to determine if you have mold and need our Dallas mold removal services!

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